We help managers make their mark, with customer insights,

product development strategy

and performance metrics.

What do we do?

How do we create value?

We can show you how to get new products and services on the market faster with less risk, by focusing on real customer requirements. We can help you understand what's going on inside your business by analysing data from marketing, accounting and productivity software, so you can measure the impact of new ideas. And we can train your team in business growth techniques.

Our customers are mainly managers working in organisations with 15 to 250 people. They need to introduce new products and services, and tighten up conversion and retention of new customers, in order to see their businesses grow. We sometimes work with funded start-ups too.

Who do we work for?

We connect innovation practice with data analytics so you can try new things and get objective feedback on what's working. We show you the best tools to use and teach you the skills and methods you need, so your business can become more innovative and possess deeper insights into your customers and your operations.

We have helped more than 200 customers through the British Library's Innovating for Growth programme since 2012.

"Christopher’s advice on product and service development has been transformative for our clients and enabled them to produce work their customers really care about."

Christina Murphy, Project Manager

Innovating for Growth, British Library

Talk to us about your needs

We usually start with a free one-hour consultation and follow up with a half-day roadmap workshop, then we'll send you a no-obligation proposal for the recommended next steps.

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